Mojitos Cuban-American experience, Norcross

Walking into Mojito’s felt a lot like walking into a Cuban restaurant on Miami’s Calle Ocho. Calle Ocho which translates to 8th Street has become a major tourist destination in Little Havana, the center of Cuban cultured businesses in Miami; and home to 2 amazing annual festivals, Carnaval Miami, and the Three Kings Parade. With that said, I give Mojito’s a 10 for atmosphere.

Since the purpose, aside from lunch with my girls, is to rate and compare the food to what Cuban food should taste like, I’ve taken to ordering the media noche sandwhich, a Cuban staple. Reader’s be advised, this has all been meant to be fun, a bit constructive, and most of all, as source to bring people to the table for the best Cuban food in Atlanta.

Aside from a great atmosphere, this place has a few things going for it, the “mariquitas” which is a plantain chip, is cooked perfect, and served with mojo garlic sauce to dip. Materva and Jupina is available for ordering, as well as malta! Service was great also, everyone is making sure that you are satisfied and have everything you need. A 10 on staff as well.

My wife ordered a “pan con bistec” (steak sandwich). That was a tough one, man she’s tough lol. Cuban food in Atlanta is going to have a tough critic. Palomilla Steak goes into that sandwich. This is a slice of beef round, butterfly cut for thinness, and grilled over oil and onions with light amount of seasonings.  the sandwich includes the onions and goes great with lettuce, mayo, tomato, etc. My wife’s favorite sandwich is the Pan Con Bistec at the Mojito’s down in Miami in The Falls shopping center. I thought it was funny she would order the same from this Mojito, heck! Where’s her blog? She liked it, never the same because Atlanta is really slacking on the quality of Cuban bread, but it did put Mojito’s in Norcross over Havana South in Buford on her list. Me? I’m not too sure…

I ordered my Media Noche (a large sweet Cuban bread sandwich with thick layered sliced pork, thick layered ham or at least it should have been, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles cut in half which I argue is why it’s named a media noche, but hey be romantic about it if you want, it means midnight, whatever, lol) and paired it with a side of broiled yuca. It was not good. Both things were just OK. My sandwich left too much to be desired. Price would be a little high at $8.50, but it does include ANY side of your choice, and that’s well worth it, plus I get irritated at having a side of yellow rice and black beans forced on the deal. That’s not Cuban food Atlanta, don’t be fooled. Anyway, this Cuban food in Atlanta was not well balanced on the meats, too much pork and cut too thick, barely any ham. It’s supposed to be layered thick, not thick cut. And half and half, not a ton of pork on a bitty slice of ham. Pork was not marinated that well, bland to taste. It also was floppy, as you can see on the photo, even the bread was drooping, SMH. Ah but he pickles, those Georgia pickles, man they are good! But I have to be honest, I almost sent it back. I did send the yuca back though, it was just not edible. They did not cook them well, and where too hard (raw) to chew and swallow. It was a shame since they tasted great (seasoning and sauce), but it was just too hard to even cut into. Boil them well guys, get it almost pasty on the outside and I will have them everytime.

I have to give it to them on the desert though! The flan was excellent. I have to say I have not had bad flan in Atlanta. I’ve had lot’s of bad flan in Miami, but flan in Atlanta is a winner! If you have not had this, it’s like a cheesecake, but with caramel and much softer like a custard. It could just translate as a caramel custard. I will also say that other people were ordering entrees, such as ropa vieja (pulled beef), white rice and black beans, etc, and it looked delicious.

We’ll have to go back for dinner!



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