A True Sandwiche Cubano @ Pan-Am Bakery

A true Cuban Sandwich needs to deliver on 3 things; low price, loaded meats, and be unfinishable by one person or on a single sitting. Pan American Bakery in Chamblee gets them all with their Cubano at $5.00. Indeed,  Cuban Food in Atlanta and it’s no wonder they top the list on Yelp and other internet searches when looking for CubanFood or Cuban Bread in Atlanta. 

Walking into this shop was a just like walking into one of those hole in the wall “cafeterĂ­as” on the outskirts of Winwood, particularly the NW 17th avenue area. It’s a cash only deal, and your bound to see some shady characters lurking outside. But inside it’s also just like home, joking around with other Cuban locals, and having many of the goods offered in Miami. 

Of all the Cuban Sandwiches I’ve had so far, this one tops the list. It’s better than Mojito’s in Norcross by far, and makes La Fonda’s supposed Cuban Sandwhich officialy disqualified to call itself Cuban. 

The meats were packed heavy, and while the pork was not as tasty as I’d like, the Cuban Sandwhich is about size and quantity more than it is about taste. The bread gets real close to authentic and if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought it was the real thing, just had more of a buttery “tostada” taste and not as thick as real Cuban bread (being pressed makes it thin, but also gave it the best taste and texture). I left wanting to go back just for the toast another day. 

I went with Ironbeer for the drink. The closest thing to describe this is Dr. Pepper but is based on an authentic Cuban soda. This is pretty close to real Cuban food in Atlanta. Location doesn’t help, but if you’re out to feed a large appetite or in a group of working men looking for a good lunch deal, this is the place. 



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